Xiaobai battery camera EC4 villa version, leading home safety

On October 20th, the Xiaobai battery camera EC4 villa version was officially launched. This is Chuangmi Xiaobai, which focuses on home “safety”, another innovation in the field of home smart security.

According to the data of the “2020 China Smart Home Ecological Development White Paper” released by CSHIA Research, from the perspective of user demand for smart home products in China, home security is the smart home product with the highest demand for users, with a demand rate as high as 92%. From the perspective of equipment supply market share, home security is also the equipment category with the largest market share in the current smart home category. It is precisely to understand the new “safety” needs of consumers in this session, Xiaobai battery camera EC4 is newly launched, covering long-term battery life, accurate monitoring, full-color night vision, wide-angle care and many other functions, which is more in line with the security needs of villa owners , It can be called a home security camera that integrates beauty and dry goods.

Won the International Design Award and was named pick by a well-known American manor

This time, the small white battery camera EC4 is not small, and it has been picked by both internationally renowned awards and famous American manors.

Because of the simple and elegant design and humanized functional experience, the Xiaobai battery camera EC4 won the A’design award 2021. The A’Design Grand Prix is the world’s leading international annual design competition. It can take the lead, which is enough to show the hard-core strength of Xiaobai battery cameras. Not only that, Chuangmi’s products are also the only security surveillance brand used by the well-known historical site Planting Fields in the United States. They are used to protect the precious historical architectural relics and works of art in the manor. It is enough to show that the white battery camera is in the care of large courtyards and large villas. “Professionalism.”

No need to charge + wireless installation, waterproof, dustproof and high temperature resistant

The whole body of Xiaobai Battery Camera EC4 adopts a wireless design, with 3M strong adhesive, so you can install it wherever you want. Not only is the installation worry-free, the gifted solar panels allow the sun to charge the little white camera, and bid farewell to the hassle of manual charging. The built-in 5200mAh high-capacity battery allows “Xiaobai” to last for 90 days even when it rains on a cloudy day.

Different from ordinary high-rise buildings and western-style houses, the surveillance cameras of villas are usually installed outdoors, which puts forward higher requirements for the “resistance” of the cameras. The small white battery camera with IP66 dustproof and waterproof structure design can effectively prevent the intrusion of dust and foreign objects, and can also resist the washing of powerful jets of water, without fear of wind, sun, and strong storms.

2.5K Ultra HD + 150° wide angle + full color night vision = all-round home security

For home security cameras, large shooting range and clear shooting are two necessary “hard” indicators. As a high-end model specially designed for villa users, the Xiaobai camera is equipped with a new customized 6-piece optical lens, F1.6 large aperture and 2.5K camera, allowing the video to retain important details even when zoomed in. , The picture quality is comparable to high-definition film and television dramas. The super wide angle of 150° further expands the “care” boundary, and can cover everything without turning the camera, which is very suitable for the needs of the villa’s large monitoring range. Coupled with 2 high-power white light lamps, using Xiaobai’s unique intelligent fill light technology, the color of the object can be clearly restored even in the dark, so that the home security has no dead ends.

Not only that, the Xiaobai battery camera EC4 can also be connected to the Xiaobaihuijia APP, which can wake up the camera at any time even when working or going out, view real-time video, and keep abreast of the safety of the family at any time.

Customization + intelligence, easy to achieve personalized and accurate monitoring

As a smart camera, Xiaobai battery camera is usually in sleep power saving mode. Once the PIR human infrared sensor detects an abnormality, it will immediately record the live video and push it to the mobile phone. The built-in super-powerful AI smart chip can also directly perform the AI humanoid detection and analysis that needs to be uploaded to the cloud, making the analysis faster and more accurate, and effectively filtering out false alarms.

Another embodiment of intelligence is personalization. The villa space is usually relatively open, and the Xiaobai camera can delineate the key care area within the field of view, and only send anomalies in the area to your mobile phone, and will not trigger a warning when someone passes by outside the area. When to start recording, how long it takes to record, PIR human body sensitivity and length of stay can all be customized to make the alarm information more accurate. Don’t worry about storage, the Xiaobai camera supports a variety of video storage methods, and it also comes with a cloud storage package that automatically covers 3 months and 30 days. After 3 months, you can choose to renew or insert an SD card into the gateway to save the nursing video.

Xiaobai Battery Camera EC4 Villa Edition “Fresh” is on the market, and will be on sale at Xiaomi Youpin from October 20th.

The ultra-high-definition wide-angle, waterproof, dust-proof and high-temperature-resistant white battery camera will surely bring a new intelligent experience for home security.

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