IMILAB smart nursing light new product launch conference

On September 10, 2021, China Mobile Heilongjiang Company, China Mobile Smart Home Operation Center, and IMILAB Technology jointly held a new product launch conference for smart care lights in Harbin, Heilongjiang. At the meeting, the “Smart Care Light” jointly developed by China Mobile Smart Home Operation Center and IMILAB Technology made its debut as a blockbuster product in the field of smart home care and home communication this year. At the same time, Hajintan Technology and IMILAB Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement, announcing that Heilongjiang Mobile has become the country’s first smart care lamp sales channel.

Wang Xin, deputy general manager of the Converged Communication System Department of China Mobile Smart Home Operation Center, Jin Xin, deputy general manager of the Marketing Department of China Mobile Heilongjiang Co., Ltd., Meng Fanli, deputy general manager of China Mobile Harbin Branch, Yu Zhimin, vice president of sales of IMILAB Technology, and Harbin Jintan Zhao Guobin, general manager of Technology Development Co., Ltd., attended the meeting.

The track is overweight, moving and creating rice layout new technology for eye protection.

At the press conference, IMILAB Technology CEO Zhimin Yu delivered a speech. The viewpoints were expounded around the current two extremely hot industry tracks, “intelligent eye protection” and “home security”. Analyzing the wave of digital information, IMILAB Technology has jointly launched a variety of smart home products including smart cameras, smart doorbells, and nursing lights with China Mobile Smart Home Operations Center.

He also said that the protagonist of this conference “smart care light” has not only won the Korean K-Design Design Award, the German Contemporary Good Design Award, and the Italian A’Design Design Silver Award; it also realized the combination of the camera and the eye protection light. As one, this will be a key part of the company’s expansion from home security and Hejiazhihua to the field of smart eye protection. He emphasized that relying on the core capabilities of China Mobile Smart Home Operation Center for intelligent IoT multimedia communications, AIoTel, IMILAB Technology’s research and development capabilities, and Heilongjiang Mobile’s strong channel sales capabilities, this product will surely occupy a place in the eye protection lamp market. , Let more families witness the power of technology to change lives.

Shengwei innovation, two major technological breakthroughs in smart nursing lights

How much hard-core technology does this desk lamp with integrated care, call and eye protection have? Wang Xin, deputy general manager of the Converged Communication System Department of China Mobile Smart Home Operation Center, answered at the meeting. He said that the smart nursing light relies on AIoTel, the core capability of intelligent IoT multimedia communication in the smart home operation center, and creatively empowers the two major business capabilities of home security, home smart phone and family parent management and control capabilities. This nursing light Achieved a collection of eye protection, baby protection, and home protection functions, and realized two major upgrade innovations, specifically:

First of all, in response to the mainstream needs of home care for home users, China Mobile and IMILAB Technology have launched a table lamp with an integrated camera to enable parents to take care of their children remotely, realizing a subversive innovation in the eye protection table lamp market.

Secondly, for family communication, emergency calls and other scenarios, China Mobile will empower the desk lamp with Jiazhi’s audio and video capabilities, so that the desk lamp can initiate a call and VoLTE can call the mobile phone to meet the communication needs of children and parents.

Product value-added, the tripartite cooperation and joint empowerment of smart homes

Looking forward to the tripartite cooperation, Meng Fanli, deputy general manager of the Harbin branch, said that the first landing of smart nursing lights in the Heilongjiang company is an important fulcrum for the Heilongjiang company to enter the smart home with home security and home wisdom scenarios. This tripartite cooperation will definitely collide. Bring out a huge spark and truly create value for users. Heilongjiang Company will make good use of this product weapon, relying on its channel advantages to once again achieve a new high in sales of Zhijia products. At the same time, the three parties will take this opportunity to work together to enrich the product matrix and coordinate the development of channels to build a good pattern of mutual benefit and win-win results.

The release of this new product enriches the product matrix of China Mobile Heilongjiang Company, China Mobile Smart Home Operation Center, and IMILAB Technology based on home security and home smart phone capabilities, and marks a comprehensive upgrade of the tripartite strategic cooperation. In the future, the three parties will make every effort to empower the smart home industry with home security and home-talk capabilities, and realize the industry innovation of smart homes.

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