MILAB W12 Review: One of the best smart watches

IMILAB is one of the many subsidiary brands of Xiaomi, so it usually produces more or less quality products. Until recently, the company mainly produced smart home devices, but since the beginning of this year, it has expanded its product range with multiple models of smart watches. One of them is IMILAB W12 in our review.

Complete setup and design This watch has a small rectangular box with the manufacturer, model name and main technical specifications on it. There is also a QR code on the back for downloading applications. Inside the box is the clock itself, a small English user manual and a charging cable with a magnetic connector.

Our watches have a black strap, but there are also options to sell blue or red straps.
The standard strap is silicone, standard width (22 mm) and standard fasteners. It is easy to replace it with other bracelets or straps. The clasp of the strap is classic, painted black with the manufacturer’s logo.
The watch itself looks strict and sturdy. The body is quite large. Its diameter is 46 mm and its thickness is approximately 11 mm. The device weighs 57 grams.

The housing of IMILAB W12 is made of zinc alloy, and the back plate is made of matt plastic.
Judging from the control elements on the fuselage, there are two mechanical metal buttons on the right side. The button is pressed tightly enough, which excludes accidental pressing while wearing. The water and dust protection declared by the manufacturer complies with the IP68 standard, that is, the watch can be left on while swimming, but the device cannot track its parameters.

The back of the watch has contacts for charging and LEDs for optical pulse oximeters for measuring blood oxygen levels and pulse.
In general, no matter the design, manufacturing quality or materials, they all left a good impression. This is a multi-functional smart watch that can be matched with almost any outfit, including suits.

Screen, control and interface
The device is equipped with a full circular 1.32 inch TFT touch screen display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels. The screen is quite bright and colorful, with good picture clarity, and it is difficult to notice individual pixels with the naked eye. A fairly wide frame can be seen around the dial, but thanks to the intimate interface design, it is not particularly eye-catching during use.
There is no light sensor, so there is no automatic brightness control function. In the settings, you can choose one of four preset values: 25, 50, 75, and 100%. At the maximum value, the display content can be clearly seen even in bright sunlight. Unfortunately, there is also no predetermined brightness adjustment function. In other words, you must constantly manually adjust the brightness based on the time of day.
Activate the screen by raising your hand (open in the app) or pressing the top button. You can adjust the backlight time from 5 to 15 seconds. The bottom button brings up the exercise menu

As for the protective glass, there is no mention of any oleophobic coating in the specification. However, compared with some analogs, the fingerprints on it appear slower and easier to remove.
The interface and control of IMILAB W12 are very simple and clear. Long press the home screen, then swipe left/right to select one of the 6 preset dial options. Another 18 options can be downloaded from the app. You can also create your own design options by changing the background image and font color.

Swipe down to open the quick settings menu. Here you can find brightness control, main setting icons, “find my phone” function, vibration off, connection status and battery level. Swipe to the right to open the main menu. It consists of the following points: Exercise activity pulse Oxygen in the blood Weather dream music post Next step (phone search, stopwatch, timer) Settings (shut down, restore factory settings, screen brightness, dial, download the QR code for mobile apps , Equipment information).
Smartphone connection
When buying a cheap smartwatch from a Chinese manufacturer, the mobile application used to connect the watch to the smartphone is usually one of the main disadvantages. IMILAB W12 connects to your smartphone via the GloryFit app. This is not to say that this is the worst application, but it has many disadvantages.

You can download GloryFit from Google Play for ANDROID and App Store for iPhone. The application menu is divided into 4 tabs:
Home page (data about steps, calories burned, distance traveled, heart rate graph, oxygen and sleep data).
Exercise (use GPS smartphone and exercise history to start exercise). I am. In this section, you can set goals for daily steps, sleep time, and menstrual cycle adjustment (female). You can also specify personal data (gender, age, height, weight) to calculate parameters more accurately.
Equipment (clock setting).
Pulse and oxygen IMILAB W12 can automatically measure pulse as needed or at a frequency of every 30 minutes. Unfortunately, you cannot set a high heart rate alarm. The accuracy of the heart rate monitor is very high in both resting and training modes. The heart rate is> 130 beats/meter, and the difference from the chest strap is usually no more than 3-5 beats per minute. The app displays reports in the form of measured values, maximum and minimum values, and graphs that divide the heart rate into multiple zones (fat burning, aerobic exercise, etc.).

Most modes only track basic parameters, such as exercise duration, heart rate, and calories burned. So it is likely to be limited to 3-4 modes. The only difference is the name and icon of the sport mode. The watch does not have a built-in GPS module, so the GPS module of the smartphone is used to accurately determine the speed, pace, distance and trajectory of the exercise. In this case, exercise should start from the app, not from the watch menu. No automatic exercise tracking, and no automatic pause

There are no complaints about sleep tracking at all. The watch accurately determines the time to fall asleep and wake up, repair awakening and divide sleep into stages: deep sleep and light sleep.

In general, IMILAB W12 left a pleasant impression. The stylish appearance, high-quality materials, simple and friendly user interface, and high-quality tracking of basic activity indicators are particularly fascinating. The main complaint can be attributed to the app rather than the watch itself. There are issues related to localization and synchronization of the watch with the smartphone after disconnection. In addition, there are not enough notifications about disconnection and exceeding the specified heart rate value. It won’t hurt to track your swimming. Maybe this feature will appear in one of the future software updates.

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