IMILAB V2 Vacuum Robot, sterilized sweeper and mopping vacuum robot

People are more and more aware of the importance of a healthy life, and more and more people choose to make the home environment healthier and safer through electrical products with anti-bacterial and anti-virus functions. According to data from Aowei Cloud Network, during the 618 period of this year, the consumption of air purifiers, cleaning appliances, water purifiers and other home appliances has ushered in a golden growth period.

Ground hygiene is also the top priority of household hygiene. Especially for families with children or pets, they play on the floor and come into direct contact with food after crawling on the ground, causing the risk of bacterial infections to increase exponentially. However, many floor cleaning appliances such as vacuum cleaners, steam mops, etc. still require manual operation by humans, resulting in untimely cleaning, or only completing the cleaning and neglecting the problem of sterilization. Whether a product can solve cleaning and sterilization at one time and ensure the safety of the home environment is a question that Xiaomi’s ecological chain brand Chuangmi Xiaobai is thinking about.

On September 1, IMILAB V2 Vacuum Robot UV sterilization Mijia App Sweeping Robots UV version will be officially sold, and we welcome our customers to cooperate and distribute. This sweeper integrates many functions such as ultraviolet sterilization, automatic dust collection, three-in-one suction sweeping and mopping, which transforms floor cleaning from a time-consuming and laborious housework into a worry-free operation that can be completed in one sentence, which is once again confirmed. Chuangmi Xiaobai’s mission of “making life more comfortable”.

Ultraviolet sterilization, a new solution for efficient and safe sterilization

The floor or carpet has a lot of dust, which is the hardest hit area where bacteria and mites gather. What method is the most reliable way to remove it? The IMILAB V2 Vacuum Robot UV sterilization is equipped with an ultraviolet lamp at the bottom of the fuselage, which can perform ground-mounted ultraviolet sterilization while sweeping, sucking and dragging. The high-intensity light waves it produces can destroy the residual DNA of bacteria and mites, with a sterilization rate of up to 99.99%. The sweeper also has a ground-off detection function. Once it is lifted, the UV lamp will be turned off immediately to avoid UV leakage. It is a safer and more effective solution for removing bacteria from the ground than chemical solution sterilization.

Intimate automatic dust collection design, save worry about housework and go further

Anyone who has used a sweeper will find that manually cleaning the dust box of the sweeper is a troublesome and unsanitary thing. The dust produced by dumping ash will cause secondary pollution, and accidental inhalation will damage your health. This sweeper of Chuangmi Xiaobai has added an automatic dust collection function. Every time it is cleaned, the base of the sweeper will automatically collect all the dust in the dust box into the dust bag of the base. The whole process is in It is completed in a closed environment, not only without dust, but also completely without hands. The dust bag is a one-time design, with a large capacity of 3L, which can be changed every 40 days, which is very convenient. When the dust bag is lifted, it will be automatically sealed, no dust will be missed, and the design is very user-friendly.

High-power suction sweeping mop, clean the floor in one step.
IMILAB V2 Vacuum Robot UV sterilization Mijia App Sweeping Robots has a strong suction power of 2700Pa, which can not only easily deal with hair and melon seed scraps, but also can remove the dust hidden in the gaps between the floor and the carpet. The side brush is matched with the floor-mounted V-shaped floating roller brush, and the corners can be scanned, and the rubbish that is swept in will not leak out. The sweeper is also equipped with a precise electronically controlled water pump, which will control the humidity of the mop when mopping the floor to avoid soaking the floor or leaving water stains. Moreover, the mopping has 3 water-blocking adjustments, matching various cleaning scenes such as wiping off floating dust or stubborn stains, which is very thoughtful. It is worth mentioning that the overall endurance of the sweeper is also very strong. The large 5200mAh battery can meet the cleaning needs of 250 square meters, reduce the number of charging, and greatly improve the cleaning efficiency.

Smart blessing, the sweeper also has a smart brain
IMILAB V2 Vacuum Robot UV sterilization supports access to Xiaomi Mijia APP, which means that it can not only link with Xiaoai speakers and directly use voice to direct the sweeper to work, but also can be combined with other smart items of Mijia into a smart scene to realize leaving home After automatic cleaning, app remote control and many other more worry-free whole-house smart experiences. Of course, you don’t have to worry about getting stuck when you are not at home. Because of its LDS laser navigation system, it can accurately draw the topographic map of the whole house, plan a reasonable cleaning path, and the sensors all over the body can also identify obstacles and steps, avoid them in advance, and avoid stuck and falling.

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