2021 Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo opens, Chuangmi Technology is invited to attend the China Telecom Cooperation New Product Launch Conference

On November 11, the 2021 International Digital Technology Exhibition and Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo with the theme of “Cloud and Network Integration·The Generation of Digital Intelligence” opened in the Canton Fair Pavilion. This expo is hosted by China Telecom. As a long-term strategic partner of China Telecom, Chuangmi Technology was invited to participate, and attended the WiFi6 router new product launch conference of China Telecom’s new product launch conference, and exchanged the results of digital life with Huawei, ZTE, Hisense and other well-known companies. Sharing a feast of technological innovation.

At the WiFi6 router new product launch conference held in the same period of the expo, Yu Zhimin, vice president of sales of Chuangmi Technology, attended the meeting as an important guest to listen to the latest cooperation sharing between China Telecom and Chuangmi and other brands. At the same time, as a joint product release partner, Mr. Yu Zhimin, the representative of Chuangmi Technology, was invited to the stage and took a group photo with representatives of leading companies such as China Telecom, IT companies, and smart hardware terminal manufacturers. He said: “Chuangmi Technology has always maintained the innovation and technology drive of the Internet of Things, and is committed to working with China Telecom to empower users to create products that meet the needs of users. Many new products jointly created by the two parties will also be launched in the near future. It is worth looking forward to”.

As a leading Internet of Things company in the development of artificial intelligence products, whole-house smart solutions and services, Chuangmi Technology has established a rich smart home product matrix after seven years of intensive cultivation, and is currently at the leading level in the industry. In addition to consolidating the existing business of the main brand, Chuangmi Technology has also established a sub-brand “Aifexun”, strengthened research on digital intelligence technology and products, and actively expanded operator channel cooperation.

Chuangmi Technology and China Telecom have maintained a long-term good cooperative relationship. Based on the company’s own core AI IoT research and development, Chuangmi Technology has deeply integrated China Telecom’s cloud-network integration, big data and other information advantages, and has jointly launched a series of smart security including indoor PTZ cameras, smart outdoor box cameras, etc. Such products have considerable sales.

Looking forward to the period of strategic opportunities, the market demand for smart home products and solutions continues to rise. In the future, the two parties will once again strengthen cooperation and innovation, incorporate more smart products into their cooperation strategy, and expand from smart nursing to the field of smart homes, and promote the intelligent, convenient and comfortable life of users.

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