We focus heavily on Innovation

Listen and talk to visitors

Greet visitors at your doorstep or speak to family in real-time from anywhere. Just tap the app and say hello, or listen in to anyone in front of the camera.

Track motions that matter

IMILAB cameras automatically capture movement while sending you notifications and real-time video recording. Activity Zone allow you to track action in essential areas, so you only receive alerts you care about.

We’re continuing to Innovate by Improving our renowned smart home solutions.


IMILAB aims to be more than a market leader in smart home security solutions. Our goal is to pioneer the best smart home technologies through constant research and innovation.


IMILAB wants to build a world where you and your home are always connected. It’s a place where you can be sure that your loved ones and your most prized possessions are safe, regardless of where you are.


The founding members of IMILAB are from Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Acer. Our team consists of top product engineer, architects and senior technical experts from Internet, communications and AIoT industry.

Pioneering Smart Home Security and More


IMILAB is not just a company focused on smart home gadgets. We are parents and family members, business owners, and homeowners. We understand the value of our properties and the vital need to protect them, we developed easy-to-use security cameras, offering all the tools needed to keep your loved ones and guests safe.
Established in April 2014, we do this with the understanding that security is not a product but a fundamental necessity.
IMILAB is also a major smart security technology provider for Samsung and Xiaomi

We aim to Redefine a More Secure Life

Our mission is simple: We want to keep your family, property, and neighborhood safe. We’re also passionate about providing customers access to high-quality, smart home products at affordable prices.
We started IMILAB to build a more secure home with wisdom as the starting point, based on high-tech enterprises in the field of smart homes. We work with our partners to make the latest technology that serves every family and creates a happy home life.

"Easy to use interface, great signal through walls. Night vision is seamless, as well as clear 1080p video when possible."

“Ahnlich wie die Uberwachungs losung Arlo(ehemals Netgear)nutzt auch das Wireless Home Security Camera Set EC2 der Xiaomi-tochter Imilab ein separates Gateway zur Einbindung einer akkubetriebenen, wetter festen(IP66)full-hd-video cam.”

"They come standard with night vision, passive IR detection, 120-degree lenses, 1080p resolution, a two way speaker system, and a built-in 5100mAh lithium rechargeable battery. All of this is encased in a body that is rated IP66 waterproof."

"The Imilab C20 packs many advanced features into this tiny home security camera and for an affordable price."

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